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2015 Top Wireless Dog Fence Comparisons

Aetertek AT-216F Havahart Radial-Shape2 Havahart Custom-Shape Petsafe Wireless Containment System Petsafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence Petsafe Wireless Mapping Fence Perimeter WiFi Wire Free Dog Fence
Dog Weight
15-150 ≥8 ≥8 ≥8 ≥5 ≥15 10-130
Rechargeable Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Correction Levels 10 5 5 5 5 5 8
Battery Backup No No No No No No Yes
Max Number of Dogs 2 2 2 unlimited unlimited unlimited 2
Capacity 26 acres 2.8 acres 25 acres 0.5 acres 0.75 acres 0.5 acres 2.5 acres
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Wireless Dog Fence Reviews

If you're looking for the best wireless dog fence, Here is your best resource. Combing our top wireless dog fence lists,unbiased ratings and reviews,you will be able to discover which wireless dog fence you need.


Wireless Dog Fence Buyer & User Guides

We have listed all the Wireless Dog Fence buying guides here,make sure you read these articles before you choose a Dog Fence.For Those who have owned a wireless dog fence,our invisible dog fence installation,basic operation articles will help you be a better dog trainer. Of course you could ready the manual, but that probably went in the trash with the box. So come here to find some of those basic instructions.


How to Choose a Wireless Dog Fence

A wireless dog fence system establishes a specified area where the dog obtains a mild shock whenever it goes near its boundaries. This boundaries are defined done by transmitting an electric signal towards the distinctive collar worn by the dog. The wireless fence system is a means of preventing your dog from going outside your permitted area.

In the market, many are offering wireless dog fence systems with various features. But before you decide tobuy one for your dog, you should compare these systems by doing the following:

1. Determine if the wireless systems are really wireless

In installing the fence, special details are needed. Thus, you have to clarify if the wireless system is truly wireless since there are those who state that their system is wireless when in fact, you still have to bury the wire around the area that you want to be fenced.On the other hand, other systems function with a transmitter so you need not to bury wires. If you have to contain your dog in an area with a particular orunbalanced shape, or from an area where there are plants or trash, wires are excellent to use. Moreover, if you want to make a fence around your house and you do not like to bury wires, search for a system that need not to do so.

2. Check the width of the correction field for each system.

Take note of the size of the area that you want your dog to obtain correction so that you can examine the width capability of each system’s correction field. You may either opt for a narrower correction field or a wider one. This depends on your personal comfort, the type of dog you have, and the terrain of your area.

3. Check the collar that comes with each system.

Determine if the collar of the system will have a good fit to your dog even if they claim that their collars are adjustable because there are collars that do not fit enough to very small or large dogs. Otherwise, you will have to buy another collar that can function with the system. Furthermore, determine if you can adjust the shock strength of the system.

4. Match fence features to your needs.

Some fence systems offer additional features like spare collars, ground flag, and lightning protection. You have to complement the features of the product according to your needs. Purchase a system that truly has the essentials that you want.

5. Compare the prices

The prices of wireless fence systems differ greatly. Some are worth under $100 while others have a costly price of more than $400. Compare the prices of these wireless fence systems and put in mind that highly priced systems does not mean that they are better.

Advices and Tips

enlightened For safety, dogs have to be trained in the utilization of the electric fence system.So read carefully and adhere to the instructions provided by the manufacturer in setting the system and in training your dog.

enlightened Many wireless fence systems have batteries which are not rechargeable. So you will have additional expenses whenever you have to purchase new batteries. In order to save some amount of money, it is better that you buy a system with rechargeable batteries.

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